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Below are details of meetings of CamdenCEN (CamdenCEN) and the Local Strategic Partnership (LSP).

All CamdenCEN meetings are open meetings and we would especially welcome people who wish to attend our seminar meetings which are targeted at specific themes in the Camden Community Strategy.

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Details of each event will be posted after the event has finished. For up-to-date information on current seminars please visit the home page

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Planning exercise at St Georges Church, Bloomsbury

After several months of planning, discussion and debate, Bloomsbury Village stakeholders met on the 5th December for a Planning for Real type exercise at St George's church in Bloomsbury. The event was well attended with around 35 local stakeholders participating in the exercise. Similar to the first event we facilitated back in July and drawing on the work that has taken place since, this event aimed to empower the local community to put forward and prioritise 'real' ideas on how to improve and develop the Bloomsbury Village area. Find out more about the Bloomsbury Village project.

All data from the event was then collected, transcribed and added to the StickyWorld website.


CCEN Executive Meeting Tuesday 15th Nov 12:30- 2:30pm


Somers Town first Neighbourhood Planning Even 30 September 10am - 5pm

We hosted our first Neighbourhood Planning event with residents of Somers Town on the 30 September at Somers Town Community Centre. As part of our Camden Blueprint project we were keen to explore how the neighbourhood planning process would work in the area

Bloomsbury Village Neighbourhood Plan- 2nd Meeting 26 September 6:00 - 8:30pm

On 26 September we facilitated the 2nd meeting of local Bloomsbury residents and businesses at the Kingsley Hotel, Bloomsbury Way. Following on from the meeting in July, attendees were encouraged to discuss and agree a shadow neighbourhood forum and identify potential working groups to tackle specific work areas. More information will be posted on this website soon.


Bloomsbury Village Neighbourhood Planning Event 19 July 6:30 - 9pm

On July 19th we facilitated a planning event for local residents and businesses at St Georges Church, Bloomsbury. The event was used to debate and define neighbourhood boundaries, the type of group needed to lead a planning process, and set up a local skills and resources bank.


VCS Members of Strategic Partnerships and Groups Meeting 14 June 1:30-3:30pm


CCEN Executive Meeting May 10


CCEN Executive Meeting Friday 25th March 4:30 - 5pm at New Horizon Youth Centre

The Executive Board met briefly to discuss meeting times. It was decided that Board meetings will revert back to the lunchtime session from 12-2pm, once a month on a Tuesday. No minutes were taken at this meeting.

The Localism Bill: Opportunities, Concerns and How Proposals Might Work in Practice (CCEN Seminar)

Friday 25th March 2 - 4:30pm at the New Horizon Youth Centre, 68 Chalton Street, NW1 1JR

The Localism Bill was first presented to Parliament in December and is currently being scrutinised and debated by House of Commons committees. The Bill proposes the legislative foundation for the government's decentralisation agenda, a shift of power from the state to communities-The Big Society.

This seminar aimed to raise understanding and awareness about the Localism Bill, hear different perspectives on the proposals, and discuss points of interest. Speakers from Camden Council and the Voluntary and Community Sector were invited and thirty-nine voluntary and community organisations attended. Feedback has been really positive and has opened the way for further discussion. A report from the seminar will be available to download shortly.

Speaker presentations and supporting hand-outs:

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CCEN Executive Meeting Tuesday 15th February 3-5pm

Responding to Financial Challenges and Managing Impacts

Friday 4th February 1:45- 3:45pm (CCEN seminar)

This seminar illustrates some of the impact of the current economic and policy climate on the voluntary and community sector in Camden. 18 groups and organisations took part in a seminar where they built case studies about their groups or organisations and the people they work with or support. The participants represented different aspects of the voluntary and community sector including small unfunded groups supporting tenants and residents or specific communities, small and medium sized enterprises, and larger charities and service providers.

The case study exercise focused on three questions, each answered in relation to community / beneficiaries and group / organisation:

The resulting case studies were redistributed and participants were invited to comment on these to find connections and common ground, and to suggest other ideas and solutions.

The findings of this seminar were compiled into a report which was widely-circulated throughout Camden. The report can be downloaded below.

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January 2011

CCEN Executive Meeting Wednesday 26th January 3-5pm

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